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Learn more about the PhD Program in Molecular Biosciences

The aim of the molecular biosciences is to understand the biochemical and regulatory mechanisms of important biological processes and systems at a molecular level. Advances in this area of research form the basis for multifaceted applications in medicine and in biotechnology, as well as resolving basic processes that contribute to the in situ function of biological systems. Disciplines contributing to the doctoral program in Molecular Biosciences include organic chemistry, biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology, and biotechnology.

Research Priority Area

The molecular biosciences are a field of research priority at the University of Bayreuth. The doctoral program is supported by members of the Bayreuth Center for Molecular Biosciences (BZMB) and the Research Center for Bio-Macromolecules (bio-mac). The Bavarian Elite Graduate School Lead Structures of Cell Function and the Masters of Science programs in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Molecular Ecology, and Natural Products and Drug Chemistry are affiliated with the doctoral program.


The doctoral program in Molecular Biosciences provides an excellent graduate education for young researchers, enabling them to creatively develop scientific concepts and be competitive for careers in the molecular biosciences. These attributes of the doctoral program are augmented by interdisciplinary research programs that provide a basis for increased competence across scientific disciplines.

Independent Research and Scientific Communication

Innovative scientific research is at the heart of the doctoral program. A doctoral thesis advisory committee of three scientists oversees the program of each student. The doctoral student submits a research proposal to the committee at the beginning of the research project, which is then discussed and refined. Annual reports are provided to the committee so that the candidate's research can be periodically evaluated and optimized. Thus, doctoral programs are tailored to the strengths and interests of each candidate. The research programs of doctoral students are enhanced by participation in lab meetings, journal clubs, symposia, summer schools, and teaching. Candidates likewise participate in scientific meetings and receive training in the preparation of scientific manuscripts. The doctoral program thus qualifies successful candidates for careers in education, research, industry, and society.

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